by Water Moulin



plus d'INFOS dans les onglets à droite...

17 octobre: Orchestre tout puissant Marcel Duchamp + Bear bones, lay low

14 novembre: JC SATAN + Bazooka

29 novembre: Death rattle (uk) + Shiko Shiko

13 decembre: the Shivas + thee Marvin Gays

17 janvier : Progerians (bxl) , brewed in belgium, swizzle stick et darwin theorie of contraception

24 janvier: Condor Gruppe

LE WATER MOULIN, 207, Boulevard Eisenhower, 7500 Tournai, Belgium

bands who played for us :
the normals, the magnetix, almandino quite deluxe, the nymphets, pawns, vals, colonel bastard, holy curse, white circle crime club, thee bastouns, costes, josie duflan et ses ponettes sauvages, suspicious, good cop bad cop, adolina, ashtones, momo lamana, johnny gentlehand, king automatic, goudrona superstar, 25, g-string, defenestrors, gee strings, bam, harakiri, osni, nervous shakes, fourth rotor,damn luckies, another breath, hannibal smith army, opao, marones, driving dead girls, sport doen, butcher boogie, devil twist, cognac girls, sliver, archipel des finances, izzy riders, schmurtz, mexican chili bowls, black sheep, youssouf today, operation eat shit, fucking canaries, reproach, sunpower, slip and the band, skip jensen, the zoophils, the mutant wolf, sour puss, the feeling of love, Aids Wolf, illgotten gainz, the lunar tikis, experimental tropic blues band, entschuldigung candle boys, two star hotel, attentat sonore, kania tieffer, monokiri, captain kirk, shoemakers, aqua nebula oscillator, yolk, the yesterday wolf, seb normal and skip jensen, thee marvin gays, complications, le prince harry, magic people, sonic angels, offensive, René Binamé, La Raïa, the berliners, Jack of heart, io monade stanca, oui mais non, revok, idiot saint crazy,

@ le watermoulin:
2009: cheveu, tyvek, 1982, le dernier cri et l'embobineuse prod., cowtown, sex beet, the nous, casse-brique, le singe blanc, "step across the border" projection, vitas gerulaitis, orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp, animal hospital, thee marvin gays, sonic chicken 4, filiamotsa, ignatz, heads of wantastiquet, le chomage, headwar, fast arbeit babies.

2010:weave, jean-michel dan and me, birdnames, miss repetita, "paulo anarkao"projection + perf. de Gerald, red the planet, the last rapes of mr teach, the berliners, hoboken, Lahcen Hakil, warm toy machine, les lutins patates de l'espace, the pharmacy, thee vicars, teenage moonlight borderliners, drive with a dead girl, uz jsme doma, nobunny, momo lamana, cave(2x), yolk, latrine ringer, duflan duflan, barako bahamas, prince rama, feeling of love, two bit dezperados, nohmad experience, gregaldur, twee cat trip, demon's claws, hells shovel, billie joe.

2011: zoviet cosmos, toys 'r'noise, shiva and the dead men, green vaughan, petula clarck, crank, sheetah & les weissmullers, anxiety attack, idiot talk, edith and two mens, louis minus XVI, vialka, bug girl, adrian and the sickness, cock'n'balls, white fangs, *25*, basketball, bazooka, jack of heart, goudrona ss, music for rabbits, jesus loves heroin, sonic angels, Marvin gays, harcelor, ouistiti glace, volt ghosts, ashtones, les skeptiks, les dents noires, shiva & the dead men, pak, xhohx, yolk, dirty primitives, gionata Mirai, koonda holaa (2x), orchestra of spheres, Skip Jensen BAnd, expo de Robin Renard, Florence Roman, johan Jaccob; the dreams, tg gondart

2012: barberos, Charles Hayward, oui mais non, Dans dans, instant party, regal, petula clarck, cabaret dr strange: herb diamante, head of wantastiquet, primordial undermind, bridget hayden, john makay, amour, edith and two man's, anxiety attack, gorilla gripping, reproach, citizens patrol, pavé, congo, roy and the devil's motorcycle, serious kids, cheveu, papir, matthieu ha, troldmand, jimi was gain, cafeteria dance fever, brewed in belgium, loma prieta, mörse, strange hands, marvin gays, industroika, cheyenne 40, gnod, Eugene Chadbourne, Lou and the hollywood (fritkot) bananas, jerry spider gang, Abstract Artimus, white fangs, scorpion violente, the dreams, cannibales & vahinés (feat. G W Sok), Al doum and the faryds, K-holes, crash normal, cheap time, mountain bike, the SF three, white fence, Xray eyeballs, gentle veincut.

2013: Le Prince Harry, Duflan Duflan, Miss Tetanos, Lee Zeirjick, Nullstellensatz, Cheikh de stael, Savage republic, Zhod, solar skeletons, compost, cheschire cat, dead ramones, sects tape, James Chance & les contorsions, idiot Saint crazy, the K, Nucular aminals, the Feeling of love, cheap wine, périphérique est, la pince, the Ex, Unik Ubik, Roland Van Campenhout, Spokane 4774, Margaret Catcher, Sic Alps, Marvin gays, White Fence, Kazanchis , Matthieu Ha, the black waves, Camera, Belgrado, the bellicose minds, douche froide, ned, cafeteria dance fever, indian jewelry,The Oscillation, Gondoliers, You and Me and the Coffin, Infecticide, Vex Ruffin.

2014: Enrico, Feromil, expo Cheval de quatre (#13), Pierre & Bastien, black bug, idiots, keeper volant, compost, fat cat - le film, Mr Marcaille, Dalida, Vatican, André Brasseur, Carlton Melton, Tucano, ezza, kermesz a l'est, pow!, komplikations, Damo Suzuki, dans dans, the Glucks, Klaus Legal, Pale horse, Maria Violenza, bitchin bajas, Julie Normal, Headwar, Java delle...

Our flyer's designers are: Robignole, Flo Roman, JJ Jaccob, Troma, Niflète, Seb Delay, Lulu7, Jean-mary-Baptiste, Chicken, Albert Foolmoon, Mad gilli, Pierre Bolide, Gélise & Wilf , Antoine Duthoit, Valfret Banzaï, Vincent, Toshy, Naurel, Felix Goupil, Art Deco, Rayax ... thxxx


Robin Renard (robignole)
Florence Roman
Johan Jaccob
Albert Foolmoon
Madeleine Guilly
Seb Delay
Pierre Bolide
Antoine Duthoit
Valfret Banzaï


released 05 August 2013



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Water Moulin Tournai, Belgium

Le Water Moulin is a venue based in Tournai, Belgium; organising gigs, projections, expos ...
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